How Do I Connect My Digital Piano to My Computer?

A digital piano is an amazing musical instrument and has a lot to offer for both beginners and expert pianists. The good thing about having a digital piano is that you can connect it with your computer and do what you want – whether it’s to sync and play music or record your tracks. 

The first thing you need to ensure before you connect your digital piano to the computer is that it either has a MIDI or USB port. If your digital piano has either one of these ports, you need to have a cable for connecting to the computer.

If your digital piano has a USB port, you’re supposed to use a USB A – B cable, while for MIDI ports, you need to use a MIDI to USB cable. You can check in the back of the digital piano for the ports.

Here are the steps to take if it’s a USB port:

1. You need to have a USB A to B cable, which is also referred to as the printer cable because it’s normally used to connect printers and computers.

2. Plug the end of the USB B cable into the USB port on the digital piano. If your digital keyboard has 2 USB ports, ensure that you plug it into the USB to Host port.

3. Take the USB A cable and plug it into the computer. Once you are ready to play, ensure that you power on the digital piano.

4. After doing that, the fourth step is to launch the playground and it will take you through the setup. On the keyboard’s configuration step, it will indicate for you to select the keyboard model. Select it from the dropdown menu. If you’re only seeing the name of the cable, select it instead.

5. Click NEXT and finish the setup.

6. You can find troubleshooting steps if there are any issues.


If your digital piano only has a MIDI port, here are the steps that you need to take:

1. The first thing you need is a MIDI to USB cable for connection.

2. Plug the MIDI IN at the end of the cable to the MIDI OUT port on your digital piano.

3. The third step is to plug the USB A cable end into your PC and ensure that the power to the keyboard is on when you are all set to play.

4. After doing that, ensure that you launch the playground and it will take you through the setup.

5. Once you’re done, click NEXT and finish the setup.

6. You can troubleshoot if there are any problems.


Bottom Line

Being able to connect your digital piano to a computer gives you a host of possibilities. You turn your digital piano into a versatile gadget that can achieve a lot of musical options. When you follow the steps highlighted above, this becomes an easy task to achieve on your own. You will then get to enjoy exploring many options including storage.

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