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Winners: The Q Special Award
Presented by Jonathan Ross.
Winner: John Lennon, presented by Yoko Ono

Winners: The Q Inspiration Award
Presented by Robert Wyatt.
Winner: Bjork

Winners: The Q Legend
Presented by Guy Garvey from Elbow.
Winner: Joy Division

Winners: The Q Innovation In Sound Awards
Sponsored by Sony Walkman.
Presented by Trevor Horn.
Winner: The Prodigy

Winners: The Q Outstanding Contribution To Music Award
Presented by Richard Archer from Hard-Fi.
Winner: Paul Weller

Winners: Best Act In The World Today
Sponsored by Aloud.com
Voted for by the readers for Q and users of Q4music.com.
Presented by Ian McCulloch.
Winner: Coldplay

Winners: Best Video
Sponsored by LucasArts.
Voted for by the viewers of QTV.
Presented by Sparks and Natalie Imbruglia.
Winner: Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc

Winners: The Q Lifetime Achievement Award
Presented by Charlotte Church.
Winner: The Bee Gees

Winners: The Q Classic Songwriter Award
Presented by Ian Rankin.
Winner: Nick Cave

Winners: The Q Icon Award
Presented by Q Editor Paul Rees.
Winner: Jimmy Page

Winners: The Q Birthday Honour
Presented by Chris Martin.
Winner: Michael Eavis

The History of the Q Awards - 2004


Best Single: Jamelia - See It In A Boy's Eyes
Best Album: Keane - Hopes And Fears
Best Video: Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Best New Band: Razorlight
Best Live Act: Muse
Best Act In The World Today: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Best Producer: Mick Jones for The Libertines
Classic Songwriter: Elton John
Q Merit Award: Shane McGowan
Q Inspiration Award: Pet Shop Boys
Q Innovation In Sound Award: The Human League
Q Icon Award: U2
Q Lieftime Achievement Award: Roxy Music

Caution: Strong Language! Elton John had a pop at Madonna when accepting the Classic Songwriter Award, accusing her of "lip-synching" rather than playing live... Bono sang a tribute to Shane McGowan, who picked up The Q Merit Award... but the Pet Shop Boys couldn't think of anything "camp or ironic" to say when accepting their Q Inspiration Award... There were a few boos when Bryan Ferry dedicated Roxy Music's Lifetime Achievement Award to his "brave son, Otis"... and Razorlight's Johnny Borrell offered Q4music a stack of cash when he tried to bet us that Franz Ferdinand would win Best New Act. He was wrong, Razorlight did. (But we couldn't take his money...)

The History of the Q Awards - 2003


Best Single: Christina Aguilera - Dirrty
Best Album: Blur - Think Tank
Best Video: Electric Six - Gay Bar
Best New Band: The Thrills
Best Live Act: Robbie Williams
Best Act In The World Today: Radiohead
Best Producer: Nigel Godrich
Classic Songwriter: Dexys Midnight Runners
Q Special Award: Scot Walker
Q Icon: Jane's Addiction
Q Inspiration Award: The Cure
Q Innovation Award: Muse
Q Lifetime Achievement Award: Duran Duran

Christina Aguilera held the whole thing up this year by arriving late, while Emma Bunton struggled vainly to remain Top Diva. She lost. Kevin Rowland and Scott Walker kept their side up as the most eccentric men in rock, making young pretenders like Electric Six look positively sane in comparison. Radiohead refused to speak to Q, sending a grumpy message instead, but Robert Smith of The Cure made them look silly by turning up and receiving a standing ovation. That's how it's done, lads. Duran Duran acted like it was 1984 all over again, which in a sense... it was.

The History of the Q Awards - 2002


Best Single: Sugababes - Freak Like Me
Best Album: Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Best Video: Pink - Get The Party Started
Best New Band: Electric Soft Parade
Best Live Act: The Hives
Best Act In The World Today: Radiohead
Best Producer: Moby
Classic Songwriter: Jimmy Cliff
Q Special Award: Depeche Mode
Q Merit Award: Elvis Costello
Q Inspiration Award: Echo And The Bunnymen

In the icy white environs of the Old Saatchi Gallery, 2002's Q Awards saw some stellar action, as young Thom Yorke perched on his tippy-toes to accept his award for Best Act In The World Today. "A lot of the time, we think we've done the most stupid thing we could have possibly done," he whispered. "So things like this mean a lot to us otherwise we wouldn't have the confidence to do it." Right back at ya, pal Hip swivelling veteran yelper Tom Jones took the Q Merit Award. "I think the last time I was up for a Merit Award was when I was in the Boy's Brigade." Meanwhile, the Sugababes finally got to meet their soundclash nemesis Gary Numan, while Chris Martin picked up the award for Best Album for "A Rush of Blood to the Head", adding that he had about twelve bowls of Coco Pops to settle his nerves before attending the show. As long as they were Fair Trade Coco Pops, Christopher...

The History of the Q Awards - 2001


Best Single: Ash - Burn Baby Burn
Best Album: Travis - The Invisible Band
Best Video: Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
Best New Band: Starsailor
Best Live Act: Manic Street Preachers
Best Act In The World Today: Radiohead
Best Producer: Nigel Godrich
Classic Songwriter: Kate Bush
Q Special Award: Brian Eno
Q Merit Award: Elvis Costello
Q Inspiration Award: John Lydon
Q People's Choice Award: U2

Back at the Park Lane Hilton, legends brushed shoulders with new upstarts. Kate Bush accepted her award for Classic Songwriter by answering her standing ovation with the words, "I've just come!" Coo. The unruly element this year was definitely the Lydon party, who upstaged Liam Gallagher in every way possible. Yelling, "Nice to see you dressed up for the occasion" at Starsailor and accusing Phill Jupitus and Johnny Vegas of being Teletubbies were just some of the highlights. When the Artist Formerly Known As Rotten accepted his Inspiration Award, he addressed the throng by bellowing, "Shut up!" He went on, "This is for all the working-class English amongst us. I am one of you. I am the real deal." That's us told, then.

The History of the Q Awards - 2000


Best Single: Babylon, David Gray
Best New Act: Badly Drawn Boy
Best Album: Parachutes, Coldplay
Best Video: Caught Out There, Kelis
Best Producer: Artful Dodger
Q Merit Award: Jerry Dammers
Songwriter Award: Guy Chambers & Robbie Williams
Best Live Act: Oasis
Q Inspiration Award: Joe Strummer
Best Act in the World Today: Travis

When Pop Stars Attack! Liam Gallagher famously taunted this year's Classic Songwriter Robbie Williams, snarling, "This one's for Robbie. He understands the letter Q." Whatever did he mean? Williams - ever the gentleman - kept out of it: "I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut," he said before leaving. Kelis evened the score after having her bum grabbed by Gallagher Jr. Turning around and grabbing the Oasis singer by the nether regions, she growled, "Don't ever do that again, bitch." Gulp.

The History of the Q Awards - 1999


Best Single: Why Does It Always Rain on Me? Travis
Best New Act: Basement Jaxx
Best Album: Surrender, Chemical Brothers
Best Producer: William Orbit
Special Merit Award: Keith Richards
Songwriter Award: Ian Dury/Chas Jankel
Best Live Act: Stereophonics
Q Inspiration Award: New Order
Best Act in the World Today: Blur

Ron Wood snogged Mel C, Damon Albarn and Tom Rowland from the Chemical Brothers literally lifted Keith Richards off the ground for a photo shoot ("He was so light") and New Order ran amok after receiving their Q Inspiration Award. "Taking a piss when you really need one is the biggest thrill in the world," said Bernard Sumner, heartwarmingly. "Have you ever seen so many bad boys in one place?" asked Blur's Alex James. Ummmm... No.

The History of the Q Awards - 1998


Best Single:

Road Rage, Catatonia
Best New Act: Gomez
Best Album: Mezzanine, Massive Attack
Best Producer: Norman Cook; Lifetime Achievement Award: R.E.M.
Songwriter Award: Paul Weller
Best Live Act: Roni Size/Reprazent
Q Inspiration Award: Blondie
Best Act in the World Today: Manic Street Preachers

Bridges were built between the Manic Street Preachers and R.E.M. following Nicky Wire's memorable comments that he wished Michael Stipe would die from AIDS. "C'mon, I don't hold a grudge," said the baldy American, who was attending his first Q Awards. Debbie Harry wore a razor-blade-covered dress and Paul Weller accepted his "lifetime wanker award" (his words) with good grace.

The History of the Q Awards - 1997


Best New Act: Fun Lovin' Criminals
Best Album: Radiohead, OK Computer
Best Reissue/Compilation: The Songs of Jimmie Rodgers, Various Artists
Best Producer: Nellee Hooper
Lifetime Achievement Award: The Who
Songwriter Award: Paul McCartney
Best Live Act: The Prodigy
Q Inspiration Award: Patti Smith
Q Special Award: Phil Spector
Best Act in the World Today: Oasis

A fair amount of bad vibes. Paul McCartney storms out following the Special Award given to Phil Spector (he ruined Let It Be, you see). For his part, Spector dubbed The Spice Girls "porno" and "the anti-Christ". Patti Smith was less than pleased with her Inspiration Award: "I wanted to see what, if anything, I had inspired. I have to say I'm very disappointed." Oo-er. At least there was some "lurve" between Paul Heaton and Daniella "This Life" Nardini and Leeroy Thornhill and Sara Cox.

The History of the Q Awards - 1996


Best New Act: Alanis Morissette
Best Album: Everything Must Go, Manic Street Preachers
Best Reissue/Compilation: Anthology, The Beatles
Best Producer: John Leckie
Lifetime Achievement Award: Rod Stewart
Q Merit Award: Elvis Costello
Best Live Act: Pulp
Q Inspiration Award: U2
Best Act in the World Today: Oasis

A heady night. Then-Chelsea manager Ruud Gullit gave Rod Stewart his Lifetime Achievement Award; the late Dermot "Father Ted" Morgan performed a Riverdance routine for U2; Liam Gallagher flicked cigarette ash on Mick Jagger's head; and the younger Gallagher brother found himself arrested on the way home for possession of cocaine. Never mind, Liam. It's only rock'n'roll.

The History Of The Q Awards - 1995


Best New Act: Supergrass
Best Album: The Great Escape, Blur
Best Reissue/Compilation: Help, Various Artists
Best Producer: Tricky
Q Merit Award: Eric Clapton
Songwriter Award: Van Morrison
Best Live Act: Oasis
Q Inspiration Award: David Bowie/Brian Eno
Best Act in the World Today: R.E.M

Notable for Van Morrison's consumption of two £120-a-throw bottles of claret, Jarvis Cocker notably reunited the ambient production duo of David Bowie and Brian Eno for their Q Inspiration Award: "Mr Hunting Knife, meet Mr Liver Salts!" Eric Clapton picked up his Q Merit Award following a brief stop off at Buckingham Palace for his M.B.E. The flash devil.

The History Of The Q Awards - 1994


Q Merit Award: U2
Best New Act: Oasis
Songwriter Award: Morrissey
Best Live Act: Pink Floyd
Q Inspiration Award: The Kinks
Best Act in the World Today: R.E.M.

Back at the Park Lane Hotel, Tony Blair got to meet Bono and commented memorably, "I got fed up with all the sex and sleaze and backhanders of rock'n'roll and... graduated into politics." Tony that is, not Bono. The audience were shocked by lack of fisticuffs between battling rock star brothers. No, not Liam and Noel (who were there for their Best New Act award), but Ray and Dave Davies, who were given the Q Inspiration Award.

The History Of The Q Awards - 1993


Best New Act: Suede
Best Album: Ten Summoner's Tales, Sting
Best Reissue/Compilation: Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys
Best Producer: Flood/Brian Eno/The Edge
Q Merit Award: Elton John
Best Live Act: Neil Young
Inspiration Award: Donald Fagen
Best Act in the World Today: U2
Songwriter Award: Neil Finn

Amid the glam surroundings of The Café Royal, Sting brings his kids, Donald Fagen picked up his inspiration award wondering who had ever been inspired by Steely Dan (um, Deacon Blue? Danny Wilson?) and Morrissey met his bastard offspring, Brett Anderson of Suede. Accepting his Q Merit Award, Elton John reminded us, "After all the hair transplants, the drugs, the marriages, the boyfriends... I do make music!"

The History Of The Q Awards - 1992

Best New Act: Tori Amos
Best Album: Automatic For The People, R.E.M.
Best Reissue/Compilation: Songs of Freedom, Bob Marley
Best Producer: Daniel Lanois/Peter Gabriel/The Orb
Q Merit Award: Led Zeppelin
Best Live Act: Crowded House
Inspiration Award: B.B. King
Best Act in the World Today: U2

At the Park Lane Hotel in London, '92's event was attended by the genius that is B.B. King, George Clinton and, er, Wendy James. R.E.M. and U2 accept their awards for Best Album and Best Act In The World Today respectively via a joint video message; the Irish lads show their affection for the Americans by calling them "bastards". Robert Plant picks up the Q Merit Award for Led Zeppelin, commenting, "This award is for having a ridiculously crazy time."

The History of the Q Awards - 1991


Best New Act: Seal
Best Album:
Out of Time, R.E.M.
Best Producer: Trevor Horn
Q Merit Award: Lou Reed
Songwriter Award: Richard Thompson
Best Live Act: Simple Minds
Best Act in the World Today: R.E.M.
Best Act in the World Today: U2

A cosy gathering at Abbey Road studios, Lou Reed makes everyone nervous by arriving to accept his Q Merit Award with seconds to spare. "I have one question," Seal begins his speech while picking up his Best New Act award. "Where's the toilet?" His career never recovers. Bagging both the Best New Album and Best Act In The World Today prizes, R.E.M.'s Peter Buck announces mysteriously, "Our next album will make you cross your eyes and say, What's going on here?" He was right.

The History Of The Q Awards - 1990

The Q Awards first took place in 1990 and were intended to be be an opportunity for Q magazine's readers to acknowledge what they considered to be the best music of the preceding year. Avoiding traditional industry back-slapping and pandering to the opinions of a small circle of critics, the awards are now in their 14th year, having gone from strength to strength and attracting an ever-more stellar line-up of guests.

Let's take a look back at the highs, the lows and the somewhere-in-betweens of the Q awards of yesteryear....


Best New Act: They Might Be Giants
Best Album: Goodbye Jumbo, World Party
Best Reissue/Compilation: Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys
Best Producer: Paul Oakenfold/Steve Osborne
Q Merit Award: Paul McCartney
Songwriter Award: Prince
Best Live Act: The Rolling Stones
Best Act in the World Today: U2

Held at Ronnie Scott's in London, the inaugural Q awards is more like a family wedding than an industry shindig, with Paul and Linda McCartney arriving half an hour early and helping to put out the napkins. Paul dedicates his songwriter award to Vic Reeves, while Bill Wyman accepts the Stones' Best Live Act gong, saying, "On behalf of my backing group Mick, Keith, Charlie and the new one...what's his name?... Ronnie Wood..."


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